Nir is a vocalist (with a strong tendency towards acapella), bassman, composer, arranger and soundman. Here are some of the bands, groups and projects he’s a part of, most of which contain free songs or samples for downloading. Enjoy!

VocalMan: A One Man Vocal Band

Funkapella: A Vocals+Drums Band/Project (Hebrew)

King&Nir: A Vocal/Beatbox Team

Funkapella: Voices, Drums and Nothing Else

Vocaliens: One Human Beatbox, One Vocal Bass, One Vocal FX, One MC

Urbans: City Jungle

SpaceWalk: Worlds Out of This World

The Universe In A Pita: Space Rock (Listen & Buy the Album)

Plutonium: A ten-piece funky supergroup

Torn: a theme song for the film Heart of Stone (clip director: Elad Rath)

…and the studio in which most of the abovementioned material was recorded

The Nir Space Station