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Had we known,  during the convention, the fourth thing that we didn’t know about Mickey – the time and manner of his death – everything would have been different. Or would it have? In our case, it’s hard to know…

When detective David Tidhar visits his SF-author nephew during an Israeli science fiction convention, the last thing he expects to find is an unsolved murder. But when a competing author dies suspiciously during the convention, David is swept into the mysterious world of Israel’s SF fans – a world in which soldiers on holiday carry swords, schoolgirls wear fairy wings, and arguments about Harry Potter and Star Trek are more important than politics. A closed world, in which it is sometimes difficult to know what’s true and what’s fiction, is slowly revealed by David – but who is killing Israel’s future SF writers?
Joining the investigation is Dorit, a young SF fan and one of the convention’s volunteer organisers. While she has her own suspicions, time starts running out, and when another death occurs, Dorit and David know that they have to face a merciless murderer – before he strikes again.

Nir Yaniv lives in Tel Aviv. His story collection, One Hell of a Writer, was published by Odyssey Press in 2006. His short stories appeared in various magazines in Israel, the US, the UK and Germany. He’s also a musician, a magazine editor, a freelance writer and a computer programmer.

Lavie Tidhar is the author of linked-story collection HebrewPunk (2007), novellas An Occupation of Angels (2005), and forthcoming Cloud Permutations (2009) and Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God (2010). He also edited anthologies A Dick & Jane Primer for Adults (2008) and the forthcoming The Apex Book of World SF (2009). He currently lives in South East Asia.

Another book written by Lavie and Nir, The Tel Aviv Dossier, was recently published by ChiZine Publications, Canada.