Musician, Writer, Editor, Occasional Director. A hi tech insert-something-here. Instrumental vocalist. Story collections: One Hell of a Writer, (Odyssey Press, 2006),  The Love Machine & Other Contraptions (Infinity Plus, 2012). Short films: Conspiracy (2011), MicroTime (2013),  LiftOff (animation, 2013). Composer and arranger. Draws weird caricatures, sometimes to be found on T-shirts and coffee mugs. Bassist. Ex-computer programmer.  Founded Israel’s first online SF&F magazine and served as its chief editor, then moved on to edit the printed SF magazine Dreams in Aspamia. Performed at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in 1999 and 2002, and at numerous other festivals. Writers columns, articles and reviews for various publications. A devoted acapella performer. Short stories appeared in magazines in Israel and elsewhere (Weird Tales, Chizine, Apex and others). Participated in numerous musical groups and bands, and still hasn’t had enough.  Wrote two books with fellow author Lavie Tidhar: Fictional Murder (Odyssey Press, 2009) and The Tel Aviv Dossier (ChiZine Publications, 2009). Records his own music at his own studio, The Nir Space Station. Performed live music with a dance company for ten years. Created music for films and TV. Starred in a short, award winning Israeli horror film, his role being that of the monster. Lives in Tel Aviv. Rides a motorbike, despite himself. Likes food, knows nothing about it. Likes literature, knows quite a bit about it. Can handle a sailboat. Can’t handle cooking.