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MicroTime at Large

My second short film, MicroTime, had a nice round of film festivals around the world. Now it joins the greatest festival of all, aka The Internet. Here it is:

For more information, pictures, behind the scenes etc., try the film’s website.

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My new short film, MicroTime, is finally ready. It has its own website, with pictures, music and even some texts. There’s also a teaser trailer:



This week we finished shooting my new short film, MicroTime – a slapstick comedy with a time machine. It was great fun – see for yourselves!



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His Master’s Voice

An audio interview with your (almost) humble servant, right there at the Skiffy and Fanty Show. I mean, right here.

Discussed: Murders in SF Conventions, Religion is Bad for Your Soul and Digestion, Tinkering with Time Machines, Other Stuff Which I Forget.


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My Uncle Gave Me a Time Machine

Once upon a time I wrote a song. An innocent song. About a time machine. Well, not only a time machine. But mostly. In fact, said song featured a time machine, which is more than can be said about most SF songs I know. This made many people happy, and some other people complain, though nobody took interest in the latter. So, as far as I was concerned, everybody was happy.

Then I was asked by a TV show to come to their studio and do a clip of it. Which I did. And then I put it on YouTube. And again, without going into unnecessary details, everybody was happy.

And then, so many years later, came the bright idea of adding English subtitles.

Enjoy, ye non-Hebrews! Now, everybody’s really happy.


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