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Fnools at Large

It’s about time I told someone about that fictional magazine dedicated to fictional science fiction stories written by fictional creatures, or maybe the stories are actually the creatures, or maybe there’s just one creature who’s been writing this for some years now, and he, too, is sort of fictional.
Let us see, then, what that magazine has to say for, or maybe about, itself:
This online magazine is dedicated to Fnools, which are the speculative fiction stories of the Fnools. While it is quite known that we are still at war with the Fnools, that state of affairs should be no reason for us to disregard their rich culture, their fine arts and their exceptional Fnools. It is therefore our task to bring to our readers fresh Fnools every Fnool-week, along with commentary by, whenever possible, humans.

Fnools at Large

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The following two short-shorts are a part of something, but I can’t tell you what.

Contraptions: Time Machine

The time machine emits a flawless, continuous flow of time. In all the history of the universe, the flow was interrupted only twice. One of those times was what those poor scientists call “The Big Bang”, assuming, mistakenly, that it was the beginning of our universe, which is in fact quite older than that. The other time occurred just… now.


Contraptions: Fear Machine

Fear is contraction, the shrinking of hope, the sucking of light and life and joy and everything that is good, and everything that is bad but may one day give rise to some good.
Fear is emitted by fear machines, spread all over the universe by some unknown and long-gone culture, or maybe they’re just a natural phenomenon – that is, assuming that there is such a thing as “natural” in this obviously-artificial universe of ours. And just like it happens with electrons, emitting fear particles means that everything positive is sucked in.
Your scientists have already discovered some of the fear machines but, naturally, they could watch them only from a great, great distance. They see only the plain physicality, never guessing the machines’ true function. They gave those machines a proper name, though. They call them Black Holes.


No, I really can’t tell. One day you’ll know.


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Nice People with Nice Things to Say…

…about, well, some not-so-very-nice stories by myself.

This handsome guy calls “Cinderers”, which appeared in The Apex Book of World SF, “the collection’s most disturbing story by far”. I adore you, sire!

This excellent person calls “A Painter, a Ship and a Boa Constrictor”, which appeared in Shimmer early in the year, “my favorite story in 2009”. I love you, sire!

And last (for now) but not least, it seems that “Cinderers” will soon appear in a new Portuguese magazine, yessir, and may I have your hand in marriage?

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