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My Art Online

It seems that all them cows, camels and creatures from out of space found themselves a new home on the internet. Now then can be purchased on shirts, pillows and, strangely, iPhone covers. So there:

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It’s Raining Cows

I’m happy to announce this new and almost fresh website hosting my almost steadily growing collection of almost caricatures. Check it out!

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These are not the droids you’re looking for.

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Learning to Draw

Armed with nothing but a pencil, a piece of paper and a very strict teacher, I charged head first into the murky depths of the world of art. Or that, at least, is how I choose to tell it.
Here’s the alternate version:

Learning to Draw

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A simple idea: enter a word, send it to google-translate, get it back in 8 languages, send all the resulting words to google-images, show the results. Go!

(What else will this guy invent? Well, wait and see…)

Update: an article in Israel’s leading newspaper, ynet: here

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