The Universe in a Pita: An Interview with Me

Strange Horizons just published an interview with me, by Lavie Tidhar. I like the result, and I like even more the teaser-quote they chose to put in their main page:

Every SF writer, if he or she is not heartless, must have at least one story dealing with Zeppelins.

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Bold in Aspamia

I’ve told an American writer that in my first issue as chief editor of Dreams in Aspamia magazine, I included Alfred Bester’s short story, The Men Who Murdered Mohammed.

“Wasn’t that dangerous?” he asked. “Aren’t you afraid that some Muslims will blow up your office?”

“I solved that in a very clever way,” I answered. “I don’t have an office.”

In other news: the next issue of the magazine will feature a novella by Paul D. Filippo.


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Dreams in Aspamia, issue 18

Art by Ilya Landa

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Dreams in Aspamia, issue 17

Here’s the cover art of the first issue of Dream in Aspamia magazine which was edited by myself. The art was created by Ilya Landa.


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