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The Voice Remains

My new album, The Voice Remains, has just been released.


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My Art Online

It seems that all them cows, camels and creatures from out of space found themselves a new home on the internet. Now then can be purchased on shirts, pillows and, strangely, iPhone covers. So there:

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Super-Smashing Soviet Cars!

I love cold-war espionage novels. I love the descriptions of life behind the Iron Curtain. And I definitely love the cars – the protagonist would always drive an old and cranky Lada, and the evil KGB (or better – NKVD) officer would drive a Volga.

But only now, visiting Ukraine, I got to see these cars for real. And I love the way they look!

So there:


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Capital Conspiracy

My short film, Conspiracy, will be screened this week at the Sci-Fi-London film festival. Which means I’m going there. Fun fun fun!

Actor Moran Kal takes the role of the student in the film

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The Artist

I’ve always known that my works deserve to be shown in an exhibition. The only problem here is that I’ve never had any works to display. But now it happens anyway: my automatic erotic-poetry generator (it’s in Hebrew, don’t worry) is on display in Israel’s first code-art exhibition, Code-Code.
Maybe now, after gaining some well deserved recognition, I should learn some art.

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Once Upon a Time, in Iran

Me and my younger brother, 1977 or so, Iran:

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The delicate and complex matter of naming this new beast of mine hasn’t been resolved yet.

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Monster Monster


Deep in thought.

What shall I eat?

I know! (Notice the artificial hand…)

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Here I am, as I appear in Elad Rath’s new short film, Eaten.


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The Glasgowits, Appendix II: Dangerous Visions

I put several videos online:
1. The Metal Horror Show
2. Stargate
Lavie the Pirate
4. Guy Ball-Ball!
I think the last one should be developed into a full length feature.

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