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Happiness is Real

Ilanit Tadmor is a dancer and choreographer with whom I’ve been working and performing for about ten years now. Our new show, Happiness is Real, now has its own website. Check it out!

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The Mighty Sand Dance

This week is mostly dedicated to a dance/improvisation/sound workshop which Ilanit Tadmor and I are giving every evening to some 18 dancers, somewhere in Jaffa. On Sunday we worked on melody, on Monday we worked on harmony, and yesterday we worked on rhythm.
After working for about an hour an a half on different rhythms, multiplying rhythm, dividing rhythm, polyrhythm (working in different rhythms simultaneously) and the such, we came to the real thing: ignoring rhythm.
I then told them of Dune, the desert planet, where huge worms devour anyone who walks with any kind of rhythm on the sand. And then we played it, and I took upon myself a double role – both the thumper, giving an annoying fixed rhythm which should be ignored, and, naturally, the mighty worm.
At first the people almost went out of their minds with the effort – try it at home sometime – but they took to it very quickly, and we had splendid unrhythmicality.
So now I have my own troop of mighty fremen. Beware!


Today I will give a performance in a Yoga Convention.
Really! I’m even listen in the programme. 21:00.
That’s one of the greatest thing about performing with dancers – you never know where you’ll get next, and you get to perform in places never visited by more conventional musicians. Unless, of course, they happen to be also Yoga bears. Or tree huggers. Or Dancers. Or Really Weird People.
It is safe to assume that most dancers will claim that it is the musicians who are the really weird people, but we, readers and writers of this journal, know better.
I think.

A special bonus to the readers of this journal:
An improvised dance accompanied by live and improvised music created on the spot by your humble servant, who happened to sit just where the camera didn’t catch him. Was he lucky? Are you? Find out in this fascinating video!

The Jungle Book

So we had that Garden of Eden show in the Bat-Yam street theatre festival yesterday, which went rather well, what with my free improvised performance of “In the jungle, the mighty jungle” and the actors being dressed as trees. And just as it ended, when we were about to bow, we suddenly heard a shout: “Jungle! Go back to the jungle!”
In English, mind you.
“You jungle people! You sinners! You beasts! Go back to the jungle!”
At the beginning I thought that it was a very unique improvised street theatre, but then the shouter turned out to an old religious lady, who by that time already gained some attention from the audience and became quite red in the face.
Well, what could I do? I blew her a huge kiss in the air and went to bow with the rest of the group, to the audience’s laughter.

Poor woman. I bet that her ancestors never tasted the forbidden fruit.

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Street Theatre

Well, again it happens to me: participating in a show of which I knew nothing until this very sunday.
This one’s a short street-theatre show. As far as I know, it has no name. It is an alternative retelling of the Eden story, in which the main character is, well, The Tree.
As usual, I’m improvising the music on the spot, using merely a microphone, a loop sampler and a small FX unit. No pre-recorded stuff.
We had our first show yesterday evening, at the Bat-Yam Street-Theatre Festival. We’re also performing today and tomorrow (20:30, Ben-Gurion st., Jerusalem blvd. corner, Bat Yam, if you’re interested).
I like it. I could spend my life performing like this.

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That Dance Group

I’ve been working with – well, it’s called The BUA Dance Company, and now there’s also a web site.

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Lord of the Dance

I’ve joined a dance group.
Admit it, you who know me. Admit that you knew this was coming. For an agile, dexterous, sleeky, smooth mover like myself, it seems only a natural development.

So ok, so I’m the group’s musician.

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